Transport Dangerous Goods / HAZCHEM Course PrDP 'D'

By law one is required to have a PrDP when transporting Dangerous Goods and Substances over certain quantity be it liquid, solid or gas. The vehicle also needs to be branded with all the correct tremcards/stickers, fitted with a fire extinguisher and a designated space.

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods and Substances Course covers all the legal aspects a driver needs to know when transporting these goods and what is needed to be displayed around the vehicle. The course also covers which chemicals/solids/gasses are compatible to be transported together.

About Transportation of Dangerous Goods and Substances


You need to be over the age of 25 years, with a valid drivers licence and a valid PrDP.
A PrDP is then handed in with our certificate at the traffic department and a new card is issued with the PrDP ‘D’ which indicates the legal requirement to transport Dangerous Goods and Substances above a certain quantity.
A green Bar-coded ID is required to register you on the database.

Course Content

In the Transportation of Dangerous Goods and Substances course, all the legal theory is covered over 2 days. The Course is every Thursday and Friday.

The first day is theory and the second day is a recap of all the important terminology and questions before the test is written on day 2.

about (prdp)

The purpose of learning is to ensure safe loading, conveying and off-loading of Dangerous Goods according to legal and organizational requirements. Credited learners can convey Dangerous Goods in accordance with legal, safety, manufacturer and other relevant requirements and handle incidents safely when they occur. When a driver leaves our course, he must understand that although he has gained the basic knowledge in Transporting Dangerous Goods, it is important to practice what he has learned in the course at the workplace and with practice, he will become proficient. Never become careless. Never think that you know it all. Treat Dangerous Goods with the respect it deserves.

Our Price List

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Get a free lesson on your test day if you take 5 lessons and above and you hire our car/truck for the test


Code - 08

  • 01 Lessons = R240
  • 05 Lessons = R1150
  • 05 Lessons + Car Hire = R1750
  • 10 Lessons = R2250
  • 10 Lessons + Car Hire =R2850
  • 15 Lessons = R3300
  • 15 Lessons + Car Hire = R3775
  • Full Course = R7400
  • Full Course Unlimited =R8900
  • Car Hire =R700

Code - 10

  • 01 Lessons = R250
  • 05 Lessons = R1200
  • 05 Lessons + Truck Hire = R1900
  • 10 Lessons = R2350
  • 10 Lessons + Truck Hire = R3050
  • 15 Lessons = R3450
  • 15 Lessons +Truck Hire = R4150
  • Full Course = R7900
  • Full Course Unlimited =R10900
  • Truck Hire = R800

Code - 14

  • 01 Lessons = R400
  • 05 Lessons = R1950
  • 05 Lessons + Truck Hire =R3150
  • 10 Lessons = R3800
  • 10 Lessons + Truck Hire =R5000
  • 15 Lessons =R5470
  • 15 Lessons + Truck Hire =R6670
  • Full Course = R12100
  • Full Course Unlimited = R18900
  • Truck Hire = R1250

Dangerous Goods

 Full Course  = R1400

Learners in All Codes

 Full Course = R600

Driver's Licence Photo

8 Photos = R60

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